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Author Topic: Magic Item Wish List for the Torqueltones  (Read 1443 times)
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« on: February 07, 2013, 05:00:06 PM »

So, last episode they mentioned item wish lists, and how some of the players dislike the power gaming aspect of it. I like item wish lists. Think of it as a character wanting an item that does a thing, even if they don't know what its called. In other words, when Torque asks Randis to make his axe better when it gets a critical hit, Randis will make a Vicious weapon. neither of them necessarily calls it a vicious axe. Instead, it is a rotary axe with an enhanced motor. Likewise, if he wants to keep the mecha-axe for sentimental reasons, it can be upgraded without the DM's aid. For example, Randis just pops it open and puts some sort of Residuum power cell in, and that's the upgrade.
Now, all of those justifications said, here's some wish lists for a few characters. Just items that look good. If anyone else has any thoughts, feel free to chime in. I usually choose items that are all around good over items that are situationally excellent.



Melee Weapon:
Vicious (PHB1): Torque gets so many critical hits that the massive critical damage  on a Vicious weapon will definitely pay off.
Jagged (AV): The alternate side to the Vicious Coin, crits on both a 19 and 20 work great with a high crit weapon.

Agile Armor (AV): While not bloodied, you get a bonus to AC based on Dex, with a maximum. Torque is dexterous I think, so this is a good choice.
Warsheath Armor (AV): This gives Torque a Daily Power that pulls enemies within a few squares with no attack roll. Would work well with torque's burst powers
Dragonscale Armor (AV): Too high level for now, but as soon as possible seek this out. It provides augments to melee basic attacks. All colors are very good, but Green is best for fighters, so get Green. In fact, go hunt a green dragon and get its scales. Right away. Green Dragon Scale is really good for fighters.

Cloak of Distortion (AV): Torque likes to be in melee, he dislikes getting shot. This makes him very hard to shoot.
Torc of Power Preservation (AV): First, because Torque needs a Torc. Second, because  your encounter powers are awesome, and if you can reuse them, it is worth it.

War Ring (AV): Makes Crits Better. Why not
Cincture of the Dragon Spirits (AV): Intimidate is Strength instead of Charisma. Its also very cheap. For Torque, he will get probably a +4 or so to intimidate checks and that might help in skill challenges.
Crown of Eyes (AV): Magic Helm. You cant be flanked.
Strikebacks (AV): Once per encounter, you get a counter attack. Also, a bonus to hit with opportunity attacks.


Melee Weapon:
Luckblade (PHB1): Trelle has bad luck and misses a lot. Luckblades give a melee re-roll.
Tenacious (AV): A variant of the luckblade. It is basically an encounter power instead of a daily, but you have to decide before rolling. Also, elven accuracy would let you re-roll both probably.
Jagged (AV): More crits are always better.

Ranged Weapon
Tenacious (AV): This one works for bows too.
Trelle's Bow: I don't recall what she has but I like it.

Displacer Armor (AV): Once per day, for an entire encounter, all enemies must roll 2d20 and take the lowest when attacking you with melee or ranged. Soooo good.
Shared Suffering Armor (AV): As an encounter power, reflect ongoing damage to an attacker (as untyped so resistance means nothing). Not all attackers use ongoing, but this feels good to use - you poison me? Then bleed, jerk.

Torc of Power Preservation (AV): This is a powerful item for anyone.
Amulet of Elusive Prey (AV): If you move 4 squares, you get a defensive bonus for the turn.

Eagle Eye Goggles (AV): Get a bonus to basic ranged attacks.
Boots of the Fencing Master (AV): Makes shifting better, and gives a 2 step shift once per fight. Requires you to say "En guard" or "Have at you" occasionally
Bracers of Archery (AV): Get a bonus to bow damage
Rogue's Belt (AV): Trelle gets grabbed a lot or so it seems.
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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2013, 04:58:56 PM »

Torq's wish list should include Acrobat Boots, as this is what Matthew is always thinking/wishing he has.

Acrobat Boots: +1 to Acrobat checks. Power: At Will (Minor Action) You stand up from prone.

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« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2013, 09:07:02 PM »

Torque: An upgraded Fluffy capable of paragon tier.  A nice always full glass of Generous Wholsome Milk.
Randus: Superlube,
Ket: Bolo Whip of Invisibility
Orem: Long Jons of Stick Removal.  Whenever the back flap is dropped down, the stick is pulled out of the owners ass.
Trelle:  Fur Coat of Hugging:  Allows her to extend a fur coat to hug any 1 companion as a minor action during combat allowing the chosen companion to spend one healing surge.

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