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Author Topic: Star Wars: The Card Game [Fantasy Flight Games - Living Card Game]  (Read 447 times)
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« on: January 21, 2013, 05:15:10 PM »

Anyone playing this?  As a lapsed MTG player, the idea of the Living Card Game model is appealing (basically no chasing rares through random booster packs- every expansion include predetermined cards) and it has a novel set-based deckbuilding rules (every card is part of a six-card set... one resource- similar to a MTG land- and five other cards... this allows the designers to make sets more balanced because insanely good cards will be accompanied by weaker, less good cards).  The game is asymmetric- requiring the dark side factions (Sith, Imperial Navy, and Scum & Villainy) fight the light side (Jedi, Rebel Alliance, and Smugglers & Spies) in any given game (you can't fight light side against light side), with different win conditions on both sides... the Dark Side is trying to complete the Death Star and the Light Side is trying to destroy Dark Side objectives.  The gameplay is definitely not as simple or intuitive as Magic [was], but it is still rewarding and I think you have potentially more tactical decisions than in MTG.

Fantasy Flight Games is also responsible for the X-Wing Miniatures game you may have seen at your local Barnes & Noble, Target, or Toys R Us (not to mention comic book / gaming store).

Anyone else playing this or the other FFG LCGs?
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