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Author Topic: Shadow War play-by-post game concluded  (Read 570 times)
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:06:25 PM »

And so it is that today, December 11, 2012, we come to the conclusion of the Shadow War play-by-post game here on the Major Spoilers Forum.

It began on February 14, 2010, running for just shy of 3 years. Containing 79 Chapters (including the Epilogue) and too many posts to count, it has been one of my greatest creative endeavors in my 44+ years of living.

It has survived players who had to move on, players who barely started, and even the infamous Major Spoilers server crash. It represents countless hours of work but even more hours of fun.

I mention it here because not everyone goes to the Play-By-Post section and there are some who deserve to be recognized to all.

At the very top, I want to thank Stephen and Rodrigo. If not for them I never would have had the virtual home to present this game nor would I have met so many amazing forum members and players. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I want to thank Gaumer. My only Player to make it through a 20-level campaign with me from beginning to end, your dedication and friendship is awesome. Thank you so much for playing Shadow War.

Thanks go out to WebMetz. The lad may be long gone from here, both he and his player character roaming some unknown reaches of the multiverse, but if not for him I never would have started the game in the first place. So thanks, Metz, wherever you are!

Special thanks to Chrysalis and sab39. Two of my best friends in real life, both had to leave the game due to the demands of that same sometimes evil real life. But their contribution to Shadow War is beyond measure and I want that known.

Then along came Strifeter. lol

A relative late entry to Shadow War, he stuck it through to the end. I had enough players to continue the campaign thanks to him and made a good friend in the process. Thank You!

I'll also offer my gratitude to those forum members who dropped in to play for a short while. I think the depth of the campaign was too much for them but, hey, kudos for trying.

And lastly, thanks to you for reading this. Whether you were a player in Shadow War, a lurking reader, or couldn't care less about it, your presence here helps keep this whole place afloat. And for that I thank you.

The Shadow War Campaign is done! ... I need a nap.   Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2012, 07:20:19 AM »

Then along came Strifeter. lol

You forgot, ''and then proceeded to wreak havoc and chaos no matter what I did Smiley''

But in all seriousness. I thouroughly enjoyed Shadow War and will look forward to the next game. Your DM style should be considered a mastery and I only hope the my game here will continue in the same manner. Smiley

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