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Author Topic: Why Grand Moff Tarkin is The Doctor  (Read 1265 times)
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« on: March 09, 2011, 04:14:20 PM »

Okay. watching Star Wars today. Thinking about Grand Moff Tarkin (played by Peter Cushing.)Then I remembered the Doctor Who movies from the 60's, starring, you guessed it, Peter Cushing.

Here's the story.
Back in the 60's, when the Doctor Who tv show was just starting out, introducing us to (possibly) his first regeneration, two Doctor Who MOVIES (Doctor Who and the Daleks, Invasion of Earth 2150) came out. These, brilliantly, are stories about the Doctor's LAST regeneration.

Here's the theory: At some point in his 12th incarnation, The Doctor is flying about the universe, writing wrogns in his TARDIS (and by now, he's fixed the chameleon circuit.) In a climactic battle, The Doctor is nearly destroyed completely. However, due to the catastrophic nature of his almost total regeneration, he loses the bulk of his memories.

Now in his 13th and final body, the Doctor (who is now Peter Cushing, the 13th Doctor) is taken by the TARDIS to his favorite place: London, in the 60's.  There, the mind-addled Doctor attempts to recreate as much of his life as he can remember. He retains large chunks, but the details are innumerate. HE follows the path of similar adventures from his first body, he brings in companions to replace the ones he used to have. (SEE: The Two Cushing Movies.)
But something is missing.

In the course of his adventures as the memory-lost Doctor, the Master (older than we have seen him before) decides to take advantage of the confusion. He stages a series of adventures, manipulating them to slowly drive the Doctor mad. Eventually, after many long years, he succeeds. The Doctor, in a fit of evil rage at recovering the memories of his past "goody-two-shoes" life, leaves the known universe all together, headed for a Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

In an effort to put the life of his do-gooding alter egos behind him, he creates a new identity: That of Wilhuff Tarkin. He manipulates his way into power, altering events to the advantage of the evil forces present in this galaxy, eventually reaching the ran k of Grand Moff, and using his technical knowledge to assist construction in the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. (If you glance in his breast pocket, while he interrogates Princess Leia, what will you see? TWO SONIC SCREWDRIVERS!) He achieves his Ultimate Revenge by destroying the Earth-like utopia of Alderaan. Now fully immersed in his evil persona, the Doctor/Tarkin proceeds to hunt down the rebellion. At Yavin Four, he is asked if he would like to evacuate, and he refuses, knowing he is safe with his TARDIS disguised as a Death Star control console. However, in the planet-sized explosion, Tarkin is unable to fully activate the TARDIS before his body being severly damaged.

Now out of regenerations, he employs a last desperate gambit: a partial regeneration. He is able to send an ASPECT of himself back in time, to the realm of Galifrey and Earth. There, in his distilled state of evil, he look syounger, refreshed, concentrated, but still resembles Tarkin. Going by the name The Valeyard, he manipulates the 6th Doctor into a deadly case,  hoping to steal his remaining regenerations. The Master revealed his plan, and they are now both trapped in The Matrix (SEE: the end of the 6th Doctor's run.)


Yeah, that's right. Dig it.
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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2011, 04:30:46 AM »

I like it.

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